Experience Japan’s eclectic culture and traditions when you visit our majestic, family-friendly Japan destinations. Our luxury all inclusive Japan holidays are completely hassle-free and are perfect for all the family, all year round. From beach holidays in Kabira Beach, to spa holidays in our Club Med Spa, our Japan holiday resorts have it all. Browse our all-inclusive Japan holidays & get yourself ready for the sunshine!

Club Med all-inclusive Resorts for your holidays in Japan:

Language, food, culture, Japan has it all

Let Japan sweep you of your feet with its a unique and dynamic culture that easily combines ultra-modern with real tradition. Sample fresh sushi, admire women in floating Kimono's or visit the countryside easily, just a bullet train ride away.

Japan, a natural wonder

With the flowering cherry blossom and traditional wooden houses, your stay in Japan will lead you on a journey to discover sophisticated scenery. Eager to discover more, set out on the famous eight day “Tokaido trails” tour and discover the symbol of Japan: Mount Fuji and its legendary white peak, rising to 3776m. Further to the south, you’ll find another piece of heaven with great walking opportunities in Kyoto. The Arashiyama bamboo plantation will leave you feeling like you’ve stepped into the film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”.

A blend of old and new

Make the most of your stay in Japan and learn the local Japanese traditions and customs. Recentre yourself in Kyoto, in the Fushimi Inari Taisha sanctuary, which is renowned for the thousands of torii (traditional gateways) which guide worshippers over several kilometres. The Nikko temples and sanctuaries are also sacred. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, spirituality and nature entwine here in this religious retreat, tucked away in the heart of the forest. Modern times has left its mark on Japanese culture, the Shibuya crossing in Tokyo is the incarnation of Japan’s ultra-connected culture, as wooden houses stand next to towering glass buildings.

All Inclusive Resorts on the japanese slopes

Ready to hit the Hokkaido ski trails, then look no further than staying at Tomamu Hokkaido or Sahoro Hokkaido resorts, both offering fantastic powder conditions. Be sure to take the time to slip into an Onsen, these indoor and outdoor natural hot springs, hidden away in the ountainside, are highly popular, especially Hoheikyo Onsen in Hokkaido.

Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya Crossing, busiest intersection in Japan, is compared to a giant beating heart sending people in all directions. This impressive crossing has more than 1,000 people cross at once which is very impressive. The place is even more impressive after dar…

Fushimi Inari Sanctuary

It’s been there since the year 711. Dedicated to the goddess of rice (Inari) in the heart of an oasis of foliage and minerals, you’ll pass under the 10,000 torii which line the route. These archways, painted in a striking red, have become a symbol of Japa…

Miyajiama Island

Classed amongst the three most beautiful places in Japan, Miyajima is a small island famous for its giant torii gate which seems to float on the water. Miyajima is a romantic and poetic place which is much quieter and peaceful in the evening. The site is …

Known for its sunny days and quiet slopes, Sahoro resort is perfect for families. While it doesn’t have large vertical drops there is plenty of terrain for a perfect ski holiday as well as regular events and festivals throughout the season.

Closest Resort: Sahoro Hokkaido


There is nothing like the sun rising over the thatched rooftops of Shirakawa-gō village.

Arashiyama Bamboo Plantation

This is one of the adventures that will take you out of beaten tracks. Along a 500m trail, these giant bamboos provide a natural sight that you’ll not find anywhere else in the world. It’s best to head there for a morning stroll, when you can appreciate t…

You can’t go wrong by heading to this onsen (Japanese natural hot spring) which is 3 hours from your Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido and Sahoro Hokkaido resorts. Amongst the rising steam enjoy the soothing benefits of the open-air pools. The experience is even m…

Closest Resort: Sahoro Hokkaido

One of the most beautiful islands of the Okinawa Province and only 30 minutes from your Club Med Kabira Ishigaki resort. White sand, turquoise water and sugar cane plantations make this a truly idyllic setting. Take a wander from Maehama Beach to the trop…

Closest Resort: Kabira Ishigaki

Mount Koya

At over 900m above the sea discover the Kongobuji Temple. Stroll down the alley leading you to other main temples: Okunoin and the Mausoleum of Kobo Daishi, the founding father of Japanese Buddhism.

With Mount Meakan, an active volcano, looming at 1,499m tall in the background, the luxuriant scenery of the north of Japan provides you with the perfect mountain setting. 4 hours from your Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido and Club Med Sahoro Hokkaido resorts dis…

Closest Resort: Sahoro Hokkaido

National Cherry Blossom Festival

01 March 2019 - 01 March 2019

Dates to be confirmed. If your Japanese getaway leads you to Tokyo during spring time you are in for a treat. The “sakura” cherry blossom is the symbol of the transient nature of life. Once the blooms arrive (announced by cherry blossom o…

Hokkaido Shrine Festival

14 June 2019 - 17 June 2019

Dates to be confirmed. Each year in the middle of June the town of Sapporo celebrates the arrival of spring. Hang out with the locals to watch the parades of colourful, traditional costumes. This is the ideal occasion to discover some loc…

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