Amazing experiences, made easy

Discover, Rejuvenate, Care, Remember

Far from the cliche of the All Inclusive resort being a standardised beach experience, a Club Med holiday is all about how you feel, what you will remember, and you being amazed.

We decided to go further and improve the experiences you can have in our resorts and destinations around 4 pillars: Discover, Rejuvenate, Care and Remember.
Now you will have access to unique experiences to experience the local culture, feel better in your body and mind, and live new emotions.

All easy to book and organize, and for an amazing value thanks to the All Inclusive formula!

Immerse yourself in new cultures

The first step to make each Club Med resort more unique and special is to be deep-rooted in the local culture.

Through the resort design and several activities offered in your package, you will uncover each resort's identity and really feel the exotism of the location.

What are the best places for your holiday?

Take care of your body and soul

Holidays are for getting some time off, right?
Through activities and dedicated areas, we want you to be able to take care of your body and soul, while enjoying incredible surroundings. Healthy options, family moments and wellness time... you name it!

Longevity's secret is at Club Med, and we want to share it with you.

How do we take good care of you?

Give back while preserving natural gems

Our resorts are all located in the most beautiful places on earth.

We want you to enjoy those amazing spots and to be our partner on our eco-journey. There are endless opportunities for you to discover untouched natural settings, from the Malaysian jungle to the pristine waters of the Maldives, and you can now contribute with "Green" actions.

What's the Club Med contribution?

Bring back unforgettable memories

Did you know that our All Inclusive packages also leave you with unforgettable memories?

Spending time in a Club Med resort will be the opportunity for you to experience new emotions and try new things. Whether you are a sport-addict and it's your first time doing flying trapeze or you just enjoyed having your own pool in your over-water villa, you won't forget your stay.

What's the Luxury Club Med Experience?

Redefined Luxury in Paradise

Two resorts. Two distinct experiences.

Live your Maldives dream at Club Med.

The experiences that we offer at Club Med Kani and Club Med Finolhu Villas are all about memories and discovery. We will help you make the most of this paradise on earth, with your partner, with your kids or with your friends.


and make the most of the turquoise playground

You already have the unique opportunity of being in The Maldives so we focused on offering you an endless turquoise playground with:
❇️ Snorkeling with turtles, rays and bright corals
❇️ Glass bottom kayaking in the lagoon
❇️ Surfing* on the best reefs
... and many more activities!

All the activities offered at Club Med Kani are open to our guests of Club Med Finolhu Villas, and accessible by a 5-minute speedboat ride.

What else can I expect in the Maldives?


with the lagoon as a background

After a whole day surfing or scubadiving, take some "me-time" to rejuvenate or join your loved ones to make unique memories with:
❇️ Yoga By The Sea (Club Med Kani)
❇️ Petit Chef Program for Kids (Local cooking lessons and degustation)
❇️ Coral rebuilding, to contribute and preserve this paradise
❇️ Overwater swings, to enjoy the waters and bring back amazing shots
...and more!

Learn more about Well-Being at Club Med

A world of emotions in The Maldives...

with Luxury Space



Rejuvenate and Discover a new culture

in Club Med Bali and Club Med Bintan Island

Visit Indonesia for your next holidays and choose between two resorts with a distinctive spirit rooted into the destination.

The perfect blend of modern comfort and Balinese culture for the whole family, Club Med Bali welcomes you for a balanced getaway.
On the doorstep of Singapore, Club Med Bintan Island offers raw beauty in** unique natural settings** for a holistic wellness escape.

In Indonesia, rejuvenate mind, body and soul, and be pampered.


and be a part of it

The experience you will live in our Indonesian resorts is like no others.
Whether you are staying in Bali or in Bintan Island, you will be able to discover, and experience Indonesian culture in various ways:
❇️ Balinese dance shows (Club Med Bali)
❇️ Bahasa lesson (Club Med Bali)
❇️ Paf Paf* & Tie-Dye* – Craft painting of t-shirts (Club Med Bintan Island)
❇️ Taste Of The World corner, with local and international cuisine (Club Med Bintan Island)

Learn more about Indonesia


The perfect place to rejuvenate

Our Indonesian resorts will give you a wide array of opportunities to practice sports and activities including surf*, flying trapeze and golf.
However, your holidays don't have to be exhausting! Bali and Bintan Island are amazing spots to relax and let us take care of yourself with:
❇️ Sunrise yoga by the sea
❇️ New fitness programs
❇️ Healthy Juice Bar (Club Med Bintan Island)
❇️ Dining under the stars (Club Med Bintan Island).

Be amazed with the wellness experience in Bintan

A world of emotions in Indonesia...

Explore and be pampered

Club Med Cherating Beach

Located where the beach meets the raw jungle and lush gardens of Malaysia, Club Med Cherating is the largest Malaysian playground.

Your experience will be deeply rooted in the destination, you will be active and make unforgettable memories, knowing that you have contributed to preserve this incredible site.


and have unique encounters with the local wildlife

Club Med always chooses amazing settings to welcome you all around the world. We are aware of the uniqueness of each resort location so join us in our eco-friendly mission in Cherating, we offer:
❇️ A dedicated Green G.O. – specialized staff to provide you with information on the destination
❇️ Happy to Care corner in our Kids Clubs
❇️ Regular Turtle hatchlings release*
❇️ Firefly watching excursion*.

How do we preserve biodiversity?


with exclusive activities

Besides all the activities that we broadly offer in our resorts such as sailing, flying trapeze and tennis, Club Med Cherating Beach is an exotic place for sports. Start doing things you have never done before with:
❇️ Forest Adventure (Accrobranche)
❇️ Jungle Walk with a guide
❇️ Rock Climbing on the beach
❇️ Yoga by the sea.

Discover the world's largest Sports School

A world of emotions in Malaysia...

Feel the Thai vibrancy

at Club Med Phuket

Amidst green fields and frangipani trees, discover the perfect playground for an unforgettable family holiday in Phuket's most beautiful bay.

A holiday at Club Med Phuket isn’t just about the resort. Choose from any of our excursions for a journey of discovery or enjoy the authentic feel of the resort to find inner peace and/or stay active. Your stay in Thailand is a wonderful opportunity to leave the beaten track and open yourself up to new experiences.


and have an enriching holiday

Club Med Phuket is the best spot to discover Thai culture and specialties. You do not just want to go to Thailand, you need to live it – and you will with:
❇️ Thai cooking classes
❇️ Arts & Crafts studio*
❇️ Phi Phi Islands excursions*
❇️ Elephant rides*.

Discover more about Thailand


Everything is taken care of

There are many activities and spaces available in Phuket, ready to please everyone, beginners and experts, kids and adults. Rejuvenate and be active with:
❇️ Thai boxing school
❇️ Thai massages*
❇️ Yoga by the sea
❇️ Adult-only Zen pool.

Learn more about wellness at Club Med

A world of emotions in Thailand...

Visit the islands of longevity

at Club Med Kabira Beach and Club Med Hokkaido

A white sandy beach located in a protected national marine park full of pristine nature. Visit this Pacific Gem to uncover the cultural secrets of Okinawan locals, owners of the longest lifespans on earth!

Club Med Kabira Beach is an untouched pacific gem with white sand beaches and exceptional manta spot divings while Club Med Hokkaido is open year round with exceptional powder snow in winter and serene nature in summer.

Discover Japan with Must Experiences by Club Med.


in the best spots for sun and snow holidays

Experience the soul of traditional Japan all year round in our resorts in Kabira Beach and Hokkaido with:
❇️ Okinawa and Hokkaido gastronomy
❇️ Local cooking classes (Kabira, winter)
❇️ Sanshin Lessons (Kabira Beach, winter)
❇️ Secret botanical track (Hokkaido, summer)
❇️ Arts & Crafts studio (Kabira Beach, winter & Hokkaido, summer).

Discover more about Japan


make the most of summer and winter

Whether you are enjoying the authentic snow escape of Hokkaido or the pacific gem of Kabira, you will enjoy the best activities all day long with:
❇️ Karate initiation (Kabira, summer)
❇️ Glamping by Sahoro Lake ( Hokkaido, summer)
❇️ Glamping (Hokkaido, summer)
❇️ Ice fishing excursion*(Hokkaido, summer)
❇️ Horse trekking*(Hokkaido, all seasons)

More activities at Club Med

A world of emotions in Japan...

Terms & Conditions

*Customize your stay by adding this activity/service! It is not included in your package but can be provided on demand, at extra cost.