Discovery and mystery: it’s all included in your stay in Mexico

In a land of mythical golden cities and lost tropical paradises, a stay in Mexico is guaranteed to be an adventure, full of history stretching back thousands of years.

What to expect in Mexico :

Beaches with turquoise water and white sand
Countless sites to visit : Mayan temples, cenotes ...
An exotic, colorful and spicy gastronomy
Great diving and snorkeling spots
A pleasant climate all year round

Where to stay ? 2 Resorts to discover the charms of Mexico

To discover in Mexico :

Take on the adventure of a holiday in Mexico

With its Atlantic and Pacific shores boasting over 450 beaches, Mexico is straight out of a postcard. At only 1 hour from your Club Med Cancún resort, on the Caribbean coast, Playa del Carmen is a little corner of paradise with its long, white sandy beaches. Your Mexican holiday continues in Tulum, the only fortified Mayan city built by the sea. To the far south, venture deep into the Mexican jungle to discover Yaxchilan. Only accessible by boat, the journey to this ancient Mayan city on the Guatemalan border will have you feeling like a professional explorer.

Mexico reveals its wonders to the world

Southern Mexico still has some secrets it has been keeping for thousands of years. 1 hour from Mexico City, discover a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the city of Teotihuacán and the Sun Pyramid which stands at 65m tall. If Mexico harbours over 30 classified sites, Chichén Itzá is undoubtedly the most famous. One of the seven new wonders of the world, the “City of Sorcerers” is the remaining cultural presence of a population who inhabited the city for over 1000 years.

Thrills and adventures all included : experience the adventure of a holiday in Mexico

After diving head first into history, all that’s left is to enjoy the calm atmosphere of your all inclusive stay in Mexico. Hit the road and head to the Sistema Dos Ojos and dive into these natural pools of crystal clear water. For those keen on exploring the sea bed, Cozumel Island is a treasure trove of coral reefs and is one of the most stunning scuba diving spots. Just opposite the island, step into the shoes of the world’s leading golfers and hit the Mayakoba Golf course, which is featured in the PGA Tour.

Visit & discover with your Family:

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