Spring & Summer 2024

Summer 2025: pre-register until March 22

April 4 to 18, 2024: discover a cruise with a special guest on board

Meet explorer Rémis Camus

Enjoy a special guest on board: Rémi Camus, a modern-day explorer who achieved the feat of swimming from Calvi to Monaco, will be taking part in the Transatlantic cruise with you. On the program: film debates, workshops and discussions on his extraordinary adventures and his advice on surpassing oneself.

Special guest

Treat yourself to an all-inclusive cruise on the Mediterranean.

For your all inclusive holidays, board on the Club Med 2, the five-masted sailboat, for an exceptional cruise.
On board: refined service, a unique atmosphere, and activities for everyone (sport, swimming pool, relaxation, discovery).

Our Summer Mediterranean cruises

For a longer stay or a spring weekend, sail around the Mediterranean coasts on an all-inclusive cruise.
Discover the pearls of the Mediterranean: Italy, Corsica or Greece and all the islands you think you know... The rocks of Meteora, unmissable Santorini and its vertiginous cliffs and Heraklion with its Cretan charm. Those who are keen to explore can stop off in the Cyclades and visit legendary towns including Calvi and Capri.

Our tip: many cruises can be extended by a beach holiday in one of the close-by Club Med Resorts around the Mediterranean !

Discover the Mediterranean aboard a cruise ship

Embark on an authentic cruise aboard Club Med 2.
During the summer holidays, treat your imagination and palette to Italy. Stroll through the ancient cities of Greece. Soak up the sun along the magnificent Corsican coast...
The Mediterranean has so much to offer travellers who are looking for relaxation and discovery. The region gives you one of the best climates in Europe. Perfect for a pleasant stay with guaranteed sunshine.
Take advantage of your cruise ship stopovers to visit the many traditional cultural sites. Stroll along the ancient cobbled streets of Florence in Italy. Visit the palace of Knossos in Crete or St. Peter's Basilica in Rome and appreciate, to the full, true architectural masterpieces. Spend a relaxing time sipping a refreshing glass of sangria along the coast of Spain. Club Med takes good care of you during your journey, delivering a high quality service onboard the ship. Enjoy a luxury cruise that meets your budget and your requirements.

One stay, several destinations on the waves of the Mediterranean Sea

With the beauty that awaits you at each stop, there is much to explore. The Mediterranean basin is renowned for its art, architecture, culture, cuisine, beaches and many other treasures.
All this makes it a holiday region full of magical experiences.
Sail to the legendary harbours of Europe such as: the port of **Marseille **or Saint-Tropez in France, the port of Palma de Mallorca in the Balearic Islands or that of Antalya in Turkey. The "Mare Nostrum", the Latin name for the Mediterranean Sea, reveals its wonders during a peaceful and relaxing cruise.

Did You Know?

The name "Mediterranean" is the contraction of two Latin words: medius which means "middle" and terra which means "earth". The ancient Romans named it as such because they believed that this sea was literally at the middle of the Earth.

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