Enjoy the best of beautiful holidays in Europe with all the family, any time of the year. From beach holidays in Greece, to activity holidays in France, to sailing holidays in Italy, our Europe holidays range has it all. Best of all, your European getaway is completely all-inclusive.

The climate in European holiday destinations can vary hugely depending on where you choose to take your break. Southern Europe has a typically dry and warm climate (think St Tropez), with the West occupying a more humid climate, influenced by the North Atlantic Drift (areas like Switzerland). Central & Eastern Europe is generally humid also but with fairly cool summers. Whichever area of Europe you choose to go, Club Med can guarantee an all-inclusive holiday to remember.


Home to ancient ruins, bustling capitals and rolling national parks, Africa offers a unique mix of the traditional and contemporary. With landscapes ranging from arid deserts to fertile jungles, there is something for everyone to explore and ample opportunity to spot spectacular, iconic wildlife. Our all-inclusive resorts are located in Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia.

The Americas

Stretching from the Caribbean Sea to the Arctic Circle, North America has a dizzying variety of terrains. Discover our Canadian Resort Quebec Charlevoix in Winter & Summer. Central America meanwhile, bears the legacy of once great Mesoamerican civilisations, amongst fertile valleys and a huge variety of plants and animals of all types. Enjoy an all-inclusive holiday in Mexico with Club Med.

South America has the greatest concentration of rainforest and biodiversity in the world. A largely green continent, today it is subject to a push and pull between the natural world and ancient traditions, and the forces of civilisation and modernity. In our all-inclusive resorts in Brazil, experience it all.

The Caribbean

Enjoy the best of our luxurious Caribbean holidays range with all the family, all year round. From beach holidays in Guadeloupe, to watersports holidays in Martinique, from diving and fun for adults in the Turks & Caicos or the Bahamas, our Caribbean holidays destinations have it all. Best of all, your Caribbean getaway is completely all-inclusive – simply sit back, relax and experience the true meaning of a luxury holiday with Club Med.

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