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What benefits does the membership entitle me to?

The program details for Silver and Gold members can be found in the welcome pack that you should have received at the start of the year.
You can also find all the information on our website : Club Med Great Members section or your Member space.

How can I update my personal information in my membership?

You can amend your personal contact details (address, e-mail and/or telephone number) in your Club Med Member Space.
You can also contact us on 0844 855 966 or your Club Med travel agent to make the necessary changes.

I did not give my Great Members number during the booking process. What should I do?

As soon as you have a Great Member number (your membership), all holidays taken by you and every member of your household are credited to this number and will count towards your status.
If in doubt, you can check on your last sales agreement (confirmatio…

My card has been stolen/lost. What should I do?

Do not worry, you can be easily identified by your G.M. membership number. Please contact your Club Med travel agency or the Call Center and a member of our team will assist you with your request.
Your status will not be affected and you will receive a n…

How long does it take for a package holiday to be credited to my account?

Your package holiday will be credited to your account the month following your return, when your status will also be updated.
You can track your status in your Member Space area on our website.

I don't think my most recent stay with Club Med was credited to my status. What should I do?

Please check your status in your Club Med Member Space on our website or contact us on 0844 855 966 to find out if your status has been updated.
If your status has not been updated since your most recent holiday, please write a letter to our Customer Rel…

I took my first Club Med package holiday last March. When should I receive my Club Med Great Members card?

You will receive your Club Med Great Members card each November, from status Silver upwards.
Whilst waiting to receive your card, you will be easily identified by your membership number on future holidays with us, through your travel agent or contacting …

Are promotional offers taken into account towards my status?

With some exceptions, all Club Med bookings made in Switzerland are taken into account when calculating your status, regardless of the amount and discount.

How can I change status in the Program?

Your status is calculated on two criteria: the number of nights stayed at our resorts or the amount spent with Club Med holiday packages.
The status is calculated based on all of the members of your household over the past three years (the current year p…

Can I merge my status with my partner's status?

If you have two separate accounts and you want to keep just one, please contact us on 0844 855 966 or your Club Med travel agent. We will take the necessary steps to merge your two accounts into one.
Of course, your new status will benefit from the rewar…

I have received two cards with two different numbers. What should I do?

If you have received two different cards, please contact us on 0844 855 966 or your travel agent and ask for your two cards to be merged into one account. All of the information will then be merged onto a single membership.

My name is misspelt/incorrect in my membership. What should I do?

If you find a mistake on your Great Member card or if you changed your name, as long as you do not have a future stay already booked you can update your personal details on our website in the Member Space section by accessing "My Profile".
You can also a…

My family situation has changed and I would like to update my status. What should I do?

If you would like make any amendment on your name, merge two Great Members numbers or create an additional membership number, please contact us on 0844 855 966 or your Club Med travel agent for assistance.

How can I get a second card for another member of my household?

Your G.M. membership number is the key to accessing your status and the advantages to which you are entitled.
Every member of your household has the same status and is entitled to the same advantages.
Therefore you do not need to own more than one card …

Can my children join the Club Med Great Members program?

Your Club Med Great Members status covers every member of your household, up to a maximum of two adults (18 and older) and six individuals (adults and children).
Every child under the age of 18 in your household will then automatically become a member of…

How long is my status valid for?

Your status is valid for one year, from November 1st to October 31st.

At the start of the following membership year in November, Silver, Gold and Platinum members receive their card specifying their status.
The card is valid until October 31st of the f…

How do I connect to my Club Med Member space ?

Please note you can only connect to a Member Space on if your address is within Switzerland.

You can connect to your Club Med Member space from the homepage of the Club Med website or during booking by entering your log in details in the Club Med account login area:
- Your username: this is your G.M. number or your email address.
- Your passwor…

Where can I find my Great Member number?

The G.M. membership number has an 8-digit numeric format.

You can find your G.M. membership number in any of the documents sent by Club Med when you have booked a holiday.
It is also on your Silver, Gold or Platinum Member card.

How do I activate my Club Med Member space ?

Once you have created your personal account, you will receive a confirmation email entitled "Discover your Club Med Member Space".

Click on the "Activate your Club Med Member space" button in the email sent to you and you will be redirected to your Club Med Member space on the Club Med website.

In the "You already have an account" box, simply enter your username and password and acc…

How can I change my password?

To change your password to something more personal, please follow these steps:

- Go to the Club Med website and click on "Members space" at the right side of the navigation bar.
- Click on "Forgot your password" next to the account login area.
- Connect to your Club Med Member space via the link you will receive by e…

I have not received the activation email for my account or my new password.

What should I do?

First, we suggest you check your Junk e-mail folder to make sure the activation email has not been filed as spam.

If you still cannot find your activation email, please follow the "Forgot your password" procedure. You will be able to access your Club Me…

I cannot see my booking in my account. What should I do?

Note that any booking related to a tour/excursion will not appear in your account.

If you have several accounts, please check that you are in the right session.
If your booking still does not show in your account, please contact us at 0844 855 966 or your Club Med travel agent.

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