The original holiday pioneers

we dream up new kinds of enjoyment for you

Club Med started in 1950 from a pioneering idea: sporty and natural outdoor holidays in a relaxed and stylish ambience. We haven't stopped innovating since! Our famous concept, the first all-inclusive holiday "village" was created with your happiness in mind and has earned us several awards, including the Globe Travel Award, the travel field's equivalent of an Oscar.

We take you to the most beautiful places on earth

And we do our best to preserve their natural beauty

Each of Club Med's 60+ resorts lie in unique settings nestled in the most beautiful natural landscapes. The latest one: the organic Finolhu Island Villas in the Maldives whose wooden architecture blends subtly with the crystal clear blue sea. In keeping with this magical location, all of our resorts integrate into their natural and cultural environment while drawing inspiration from it. While Finolhu Villas has received their eco-certification, we strive to limit the ecological impact of all our activity, by, for example, managing our water and energy consumption.

Premium and all inclusive

The Premium Level Resorts - A touch of elegance and sophistication: from gourmet meals to world-class Spas, these Premium Resorts provide that extra little something for an unforgettable experience: a selection of comfortable accommodation, countless activities, and grand buffets with local flair..

Exclusive collection

Exclusive Collection Spaces - Available in certain 4§ Resorts, these cocoons of serenity are perfect for those looking for custom-made elite service amid luxurious comfort, without sacrificing any of the friendly Club Med spirit.

The Exclusive Collection Resorts - Spacious designer rooms, personalised services, and prestigious Spas, all in an idyllic setting. Experience the exceptional in an exclusive ambience.

Villas and Chalets - Reserve a prestigious seaside Villa or unique Chalet-Apartment at the foot of the slopes.
A one-of-a-kind getaway sure to entice lovers of comfort, well-being, and sophistication thanks to their custom-made Club Med services, available at your beck and call.

Club Med 2 - Discover our magnificent five-mast ship and set sail on a one-of-a-kind cruise combining discovery, sports, and relaxation in a unique setting that is both chic and relaxed.


Everything you need to open yourselves up to the world and its rhythm

Whether your child is 4 months old or 17 years old, this is the perfect spot for stimulation, exploration, expressing yourself, and activity - all in the safest of environments.
From the baby gym, to creative workshops, from the flying trapeze to hikes in nature, our qualified G.O's adapt to the rhythm and personality of your children to make their holiday a magical one.

Childcare at Club Med


Novice or pro, get ready for a most impressive sports school

Open air and sports are in Club Med's DNA. You'll be able to make the most of your holiday by taking up some new sports or perfecting your passion. Flying trapeze, scuba diving, rock climbing, snowboarding, Pilates, standup paddleboarding, golf...
Choose from a wide selection of sporting activities supervised by our experienced G.O's and professional trainers. Start stretching - we're looking forward to your visit!


Unwind: Club Med will take good care of you

Holidays are the perfect time to let go. And we've turned letting go into an art. A touch of yoga? A relaxing Turkish bath or sauna? A flower petal bath in the tranquillity of the Spa? An afternoon dedicated to lounging about in the serenity of our adult-only "calming pools?"
Let yourself go - that's an order.

Sitting down for lunch has never been so nice

on the menu - culinary wonders and total freedom

For us, eating well is one of the greatest pleasures on holiday. At each meal, our chefs offer delicious buffets using mostly fresh and local products.

Interested in delights inspired by traditional local cuisine? Classic French or international menus? Light or generous recipes? Snacks on the run or long meals with friends?
You're free to indulge all your fancies at any time of the day in superb settings. Oh, and most of the drinks are included in the price.

At home, far away from home

we create your abode with the best in French style design

Your resort and room are the basis of your holiday. You should feel both at home and far away at the same time. To resolve this little paradox, we've confided the design of our resorts to distinguished French architects and interior designers, such as Sophie Jacqmin and François Champsaur.
The architecture of each location is inspired by local cultural markers and features an absolutely modern feel. Comfort, noble materials, elegant and subdued designs: whether you come alone, as a couple, with or without children... you won't want to leave us!

Something special is in the air

you'll also come back for our unique atmosphere

The ambience of our resorts are what made Club Med so successful in the beginning. A perfect mix of small details and freedom; warmth and discretion; elegance and spontaneity: intimacy and conviviality.
Some people come to Club Med to meet people, others to relish time spent alone. If we were a fashion style, we'd be "casual chic". Our brand is characterised by this original mix. Not to mention by our smiling G.O's, who are the ultimate personification of Club Med.