To preserve our exceptional natural heritage

Provided access to unspoilt natural landscapes and their benefits is at the very origin of Club Med. So protecting biodiversity is naturally part of our DNA.

Exceptional, unspoilt natural heritage

Soft landscaped integration into natural sites

We are always trying to integrate our Resorts as much as possible into the landscape, especially by using local construction techniques. Our Cefalù Resort in Sicily, illustrated on this photo, received an award at MIPIM for its construction for example.

Strict limitation on hard landscaped surfaces

Preservation of vegetation is a priority in our Resorts. All over the world we opt for natural or soft landscaped spaces, and less than 10% of the total surface area of our sites has hard landscaping. Depicted Resort is Rio das Pedras in Brazil.

Partnerships with local environmental associations

We have established partnerships with local environmental associations in more than 20 Resorts around the world.
The La Palmyre Atlantique Resort in France has a partnership with the Bird Protection League for example.

Protection of nature

Our certified eco-friendly holidays

2021 objective: ensure 100% of our Resorts get Green Globe-certification

Club Med’s commitment to sustainable tourism is built on solid foundations awarded by recognised international certification bodies:

Club Med’s commitment to sustainable tourism is built on solid foundations awarded by recognised international certification bodies:
§ 100% of the construction of our new resorts or major renovations has been BREEAM eco-certified (or equivalent) since 2019
§ 46 Resorts certified Green Globe for their sustainable management (87%)
§ Ecoleader label by TripAdvisor® awarded to over 20 resorts
§ Discovery Tours by Club Med certified as ATR (Act for Responsible Tourism) since 2017

Bye bye plasticsLaunched in 2018, this scheme aims to remove single-use plastic from the bar, restaurant and rooms by 2021.

  • Restoration: all single-use straws, cups, plastic plates and cutlery removed from all our Resorts around the world (excluding Brazil for cutlery).
  • In rooms: all shower gels, shampoo and body lotion in our bathrooms are dispensed in large containers that can be reused in all our Resorts* (*excluding the Exclusive Collection range and Brazilian Villages.)
    By the end of 2020, all single-use plastic accessories will also be phased out, as is already the case in China.
  • From 2021, plastic water bottles will be gradually replaced by glass bottles, recycled plastic, or other solutions.
  • In the Alps, plastic water bottles are no longer been given out for treks. There are water fountains where guests can fill the bottles that were placed in their rooms on arrival. Reusable bottles are also available in our stores.

Reduction of food waste

We have succeeded in reducing food waste per meal per person to just 101g thanks to more than 60 years of experience in hearty yet well researched buffets.

A remarkable performance for a group that is one of the lowest generators of avoidable waste.

Among our best practices:

  • Optimised stock management
  • Precision adjustment of quantities due to accurate planning for the number of guests and knowledge of what each nationality prefers
  • Buffets equipped for cooking and final preparation on demand
  • Portions of just the right size or served at the buffet by a cook
  • Sensible restocking of buffets
  • Recipes that enable some of the food that wasn’t eaten from buffets to be re-used
  • Raising awareness with our customers
  • Automated scrap weighing for menu optimisation with Winnow technology

Promotion of animal welfareWith help from specialists, Club Med has been committed for several years to developing its best practices, in accordance with its values.

From 2021, Club Med will no longer offer circus activities, elephant rides or swimming with elephants nor observation of whales, dolphins and porpoises in captivity. We have been supporting our service providers in best practices in this area with the WCA (World Cetacean Alliance).

“Free-range” eggs:
Club Med is committed to sourcing 100% of eggs from hens raised out of cage in its Resorts in Europe, Brazil and the United States by 2025, and in other markets by 2027. In 2022, 49% of eggs (shell, liquid and ingredient) purchased by all Club Med locations around the world come from cage-free sources, including 100% of whole eggs in Europe in particular.

This commitment is part of Club Med's purchasing policy, which states that all purchased products must meet the company's requirements for hygiene and health and safety.

In 20 Resorts there are Nature activities to show people our sites’ natural resources

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